Math Ideas 4 8 yr.

*I have listed many resources that can help students practice different math skills in a variety of ways:

SOL related resources
Curriculum Framework This website is a great tool for a beginning teacher as it extends the Virginia SOL standards into concrete topics and skills students should master.
Enhanced Scope and Sequence This website is truly invaluable as it contains an extended sample of complete lesson plans for every SOL-tested science unit! From providing online resources (The Plant Files) to creative learning ideas (perform an experiment with a stalk of celery and blue dyed water to see vascular cells)

Flashcards (Flashcards for money)

Free Math Videos Online –Features a large collection of free animated math videos and other great resources for students and teachers.

Games: Games are great ways to engage students in drill, practice, and application of concepts. (cool online math games for all ages) (game on fraction shapes) (fraction fun) (money games) (A math playground to help students practice math skills) (This website is full of fun games for all categories in math)
    • Cool Math 4 Kids is one of my favorite sites for it is very colorful and interactive which makes it fun and engaging for any child!


Math Problems for fith graders is a useful bank of math problems that cover most of the major topis of the grade (fractions, decimals, measurement, geometry, probability). Great to adapt for a daily warm-up activity!
Math Problems for sixth graders is again a useful bank of math problems.
Brainteasers (Houghton-Mifflin) Grades 3-8 is a website provided by the textbook publishing company that features a different brain teaser style math problem every week! Problems are organized into three age-groups, Grades 3-4, Grades 5-6, and Grades 7-8 and past problems can also be accessed from the archives.

Lessons and Activities
This is a large database of all types of math resources containing information, lessons, and activities.
This website is geared towards individuals who feel that they are not “math-inclined”. It contains a series of activities and lessons which are oriented towards visualization and not memorization. This is a great resource for students whose learning style is sometimes at odds with the typical structure of mathematics.
[[**|**]] is another large databases which provides links to websites for math and science lessons and activities.
**** is the AIMS website. AIMS is a well known provider of educational resources for all subjects. The focus is on hands-on activities which are simple and engaging and which also fulfill necessary standards.
Money Mah
**** contains a somewhat smaller set of lesson plans which are organized by topics within mathematics. There are math lessons for grades K-12. (lesson on how to use money) is a great source of games and resources for almost any topic within math as well as a series of teacher resources. It is also organzied by topic, in outline form, and can be searched.

Virtual Manipulatives: When tangible manipulatives are scarce, give your students the same type of practice and improve their computing skills.
**** contains virtual manipulatives for grades preschool through 12. The site includes manipulatives for Number and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis and Probability.
**** Includes manipulatives for the elementary grades. It covers topics such as addition, subtraction, graphing, gemoetry, and fractions. Some manipulatives are interactive and others contain print-out manipulatives.
**** is a website that is in progress and is designed with a focus on geometry for students grades 3-8.
Brainingcamp Math Teaching Software has animated lessons and interactive virtual manipulatives for grades 6-8. The math subjects on the linked page are all free.

****Here**** is a website with fun problems for grades 3-8. It is updated every week with a new problem and the solution to the previous week's problem. It's a great tool!

This is a great website with loads of activities, games, problems, and many other resources to help teach specific concepts.

This website provides lessons by topic:
Algbra Calculator - Free algebra calculators that you can use online.
Money Math - Learn about math by watching free math videos about mney matters

Designing a Park (Geometric shapes)
crack merlin's magic code! VA SOL 4th grade-- patterns, functions and algebra ****
create a classroom carnival!
learn patterns through making a quilt
Activities: is a Scholastic website which contains activities dealing with adding, subtracting, patterns, and graphs. The activitie are listed by name with notes stating the topic covered and the level of difficulty. is a webquest for second grade which uses candy to teach a math lesson on collecting data, anaylzing it, and graphing. is a database of games (java and non-java) which addresses basic math topics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebra, and geometry). This is the games page, but APlusMath home has a variety of other math tools available to teachers and students.

This is a great site for students to practice their math skills or get extra help and explanations. This is also a great site for teachers and parents. This site is for grades K-6:

Other Resources (explanations of length, volume, time, temperature and mass)

Math Literature Connections
Websites that align literature with math topics. Great for starting a lesson or incorporating into a lesson.

Math Stories Examples of math problems and math literature to use in the classroom.

This site is has a ton of book recomendations, great for all age groups. The site is organized by math topic--you can find anything from Counting to Multiplication:
Math Literature ConnectionsLiterature Connections, k-3 Great site to get ideas for books to use when introducing different math concepts. Book recomendations and descriptions. The examples also give ideas for how to use the books, like which books can lead to graphing activities and how to do those activities.

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