You will be exploring webquests this week. A rough draft of the WebQuest assignment is due by Monday, October 9 at midnight.

Group Podcast #1 due by midnight on Wednesday, October 4, 2006; send URL for mp3 file to instructor


Using the links below, find out what you can about webquests (ie, who created them, what purposes they serve, what types are out there, how are they evaluated, etc.) Use this wiki page--WebQuests--to assemble an encyclopedia-like entry on WebQuests. I'd like to see some sort of rough draft by Monday the 9th...this will be a precursor to the integration handbook we will be working on later so it's a chance to work with wiki pages. You can include links to good webquests and other resources as well.

Webquest Resources:

The WebQuest Page (This website has been around for more than a decade and was really the birthplace of the WebQuest.)
Best (Website created by one of the developers of the Webquest)
WebQuests from Spartanburg County School District (Just one example of a school created webquest site: do a Google search and you will find lots of links to teacher-created webquests)

Completing a Webquest:

Complete the 4th grade weather webquest. Rewrite the lesson plan to include two or three technology resources. In addition, include details about how this will be done (ie, computer lab, teacher presentation, etc.). Post the new lesson plan to your eportfolio by October 11. (10 points): I am looking for examples of technology use including potential web resources and ideas for instructional strategies, suggestions for types of access (lab, laptop cart, etc.)