The Engauge Range of Use Chart shows the variety of technologies available to the classroom teacher and places those technologies along three continuum: complexity of learning, levels of student engagement, and extent of authenticity.
Here's a list of websites related to each section of the Range of Use Chart:

  1. Drill and Practice: Quia Games
  2. Drill and Practice: Learning Games for Kids
  3. Integrated Learning System: Edmentum: (Includes Plato Learning and Study Island)
  4. Productivity Tools: Spreadsheets
  5. Productivity Tools: Using Office for Education
  6. Expression and Visualization: Virtual Manipulatives from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics:
  1. Online Games and Simulations:
  2. Circuit Simulation
  3. Scholastic Books and Authors
  4. Blogs
    Social Networking for Students:
  5. Telecollaboration and Teleresearch
  6. Collaborative Projects from CIESE: