Using the attached interview questions and technology survey, find out as much as you can about technology in your school and school division. We will use this information to create an powerpoint presentation designed to introduce others to technology at your school. You might want to take a few digital pictures or even a little digital video to add to your presentation. We will be working on this during the week of October 23 so please bring the information and materials to class. NOTE: You do not have to write a report...just have the data you collected available to you.

Technology Interview Guidelines
Technology Inventory The inventory is available online at this link. I'll provide a copy in class.

You will be creating a narrated presentation about technology in your school, using features available in PowerPoint. The presentation should be self running and include a mix of text, graphics, and narration. The audience for this is a new teacher who needs to know who to talk to, what kind of tech is available, and how to access it. There is no slide requirement...just include as much information as you feel is necessary.

Grades for this project will be based on the helpfulness of the slide show for a new teacher including the quantity and quality of information.