This week, our class will be online. You will have four tasks to complete by Monday, October 2 at midnight:

Task One:
You will be part of a forum discussion on 21st Century Skills. Click the discussion tab to learn more about the assignment.

Task Two:
Explore resources related to online projects using the websites below and finding your own. (Don't forget to add them to delicious!) Post projects to the discussion forum and reflect on ways you might use them in your classroom. You will be expected to post a link, description and reflection for one project. You do not have to reply to others' posts.
Global School Net:
Virtual Architecture:

Task Three:
Add resume and professional competencies to electronic porfolio. I will hold a work day on Wednesday the 27th in Jones 307 if you want help with this.

Here's my sample portfolio: You should be able to copy and paste the table from the competencies page.

Task Four:
Download the 30-day demo for Kidspiration and complete the tutorial. Find resources related to Kidspiration and post to your delicious account. Reflect in your blog about on how you prefer to learn: whole group or individual. In other words, would you prefer me to teach you the program or do you like learning it on your own? (Required blog entry) NOTE: If you don't have the ability to download software, I can loan you a laptop with Kidspiration installed on it.

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