Long Range Assignments to be thinking about NOW:

School Inventory and Interview:find out about the tech in your school, take pictures or digital video to be included in a presentation; we will be using this information the week of October 23 and the final project will be due November 15. (50 points)

Lesson Plan to try out in your teacher's classroom: For this assignment, you will use a lesson plan for one of your content area teachers since they are requiring that you use technology for one of their lessons. Please give me a copy of the lesson and in your blog, reflect on why you chose the technology you did and what experiences you had incorporating that technology in the lesson. This will probably be your longest, most reflective blog entry. What went well? What didn't go so well? What did you learn about using technology? (50 points)

Design Project: Create something content-related with any of the tools we've used in class: a multimedia presentation, digital video, website, or webquest. We'll be sharing these on the last day of class although final drafts will be accepted during finals. Because you will each be doing something different, grades will be based generally on the following criteria:
  • Appropriate use of technology
  • Curriculum aligned
  • Age appropriate
  • Creativity
While I won't be assigning points for individual categories, this rubric gives a good overview of the categories I'll be looking for.
(50 points)

Integration Textbook: We will be working together to create an integration textbook. We will use a wiki to develop scenarios that describe teacher use of technology. (50 points)

Other Assignments:

Preparing for the Journey: Complete the preparation checklist (30 points)

Blogging: You will be expected to blog throughout the semester. Without being reminded. I'll assign a few entries but I want you to really try out this technology so I would expect at least two posts per week. Remember, this is your travel journal so it's going to be the major way I assess your progress. Failure to blog regularly will result in a loss of points. Share a resource, something you've read...these aren't long essays but reactions to the world. Comment on each others' blogs. Part of this assignment includes reading other blogs and listening to podcasts. That will help you find stuff to blog about. The assigned blog entries are worth 20 points or 5 points a piece. Other, substantive blog entries are worth 2 points.
Required Blog Entries:
  • Technology Autobiography, due September 6
  • Kidspiration, due end of September
  • Edutopia, due end of October
  • Final Reflection, due in December

Group Podcast: Groups of two to three will produce a podcast for an assigned week (20 points)

Electronic Portfolio: You'll set this up using the William and Mary templates and add to it throughout the semester (15 points)

delicious: You will use this bookmarking site to collect resources. (2 points per posting)

Other stuff: spreadsheets, in-class activities, forums, course wiki, etc. (15 points)